I am President and CEO of JTA Wellness as well as a mother of 4 children and 3 stepchildren, a grandmother ‘JJ’ to 17 grandchildren, wife to a man that I adore sharing life with, and daughter to my very active but aging mom who continues to serve as my mentor and friend.

In addition to leading my fast-paced personal life, I have the pleasure of working with an amazing team of nutrition experts at JTA Wellness, a highly respected private practice nutrition clinic in San Antonio. I hold a Masters degree in Nutrition and over 20 years of diverse experiences in the food and nutrition industry. As I continued to grow and develop as a dietitian, I was looking to do something in dietetics where I could have real impact.

I began JTA thirteen years ago out of my desire to create a science-based practice offering hope and health to give clients a practical solution to manage chronic health issues.

During my career, I have been surrounded by incredible people who have helped propel me to the next level as a dietitian. I have had the privilege to become known as a national leader in nutrition counseling, wellness and chronic disease management. I have been recognized by many organizations including being awarded the Texas Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics State Media Award highlighting an individual who has made a positive impact on the promotion of nutrition through the media. In 2014, I was delighted to be chosen for the National Association of Women Business Owners Entrepreneurial Spirit Award. I’ve been featured on multiple television and radio shows, and have been interviewed in SA Woman, Women’s Day and Fortune Magazine.

Much of my career has been in culinary so I always say I am a foodie first and a dietitian second! I have written numerous cookbooks and created hundreds of nutritious recipes that are available on my website at www.lifebyjan.com.

My best-selling cookbook, Healthy Meals for Hurried Families, is a collection of delicious family-favorite recipes that have been featured numerous times in print and other media.

In my first book, Getting Your Second Wind, I openly share my life story in hopes it will bring encouragement and healing to readers giving them a fresh start toward creating a positive attitude and balanced lifestyle. My latest book, Eat Well to Be Well was born out of my passion to encourage readers to take personal responsibility for their own health by giving them the tools needed to live their best life through the power of anti-inflammatory food. It walks readers through how to eat, move, sleep and manage stress to decrease inflammation and reduce the risk of chronic disease. The center of the book contains delicious anti-inflammatory recipes I have tweaked to perfection and photographed creating a beautiful, practical handbook to wellness.

So you must be wondering why I’m taking this next step in my life! I have become aware in my own second half of life that health and wellness can be harder to find as we age. While the additional aches and pains that come with age can be disruptive, I believe that good health is the greatest gift we can give ourselves! My experience so far in my second half of life has been incredible. It takes work and determination to make the most of your life experience. As a clinician, I see patients who have taken charge of their life and worked to make it the best it can be, and then I’ve see those who have not found their motivation for making healthy changes. It is easy to see from these two groups who is going to age well and truly have the health to enjoy their second half.

This blog and new website contain valuable, life-changing information that can help you live your very best life – right now! I am excited to bring all that I’ve learned and experienced to help restore your zest for life.

I will be presenting weekly video blogs to speak to topics that are relevant in my life and hopefully in yours. There will be a variety of formats to include cooking demos, interviews with experts on current wellness topics, or quick inspirations on how to effectively deal with pressing life issues. In addition to the weekly video blog, I will offer private counseling, webinars, and virtual classes on chronic health issues.

I know your time is precious so my goal is to make our brief time together fun, informative and useful. Be sure to sign up at www.lifebyjan.com to receive these weekly blogs. Most of us have family and friends who could use encouragement to pursue health.

I encourage you to share these with everyone you think could benefit from this reliable, powerful information!

Let’s begin our next venture together! Here’s to improved quality of life in our search for wellness in the second half!

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